Feb. 15 was the date of this untimely death. I would like to say a few words to clear my sorrow and drive my gamer pain away. Before getting the PS3, I was just a little boy who knew nothing of this, the grandest wikia. I felt what it was like to play those games that took every hour of your time dwelling in the pits of gamer heaven. I will always remember m-Wait, why am I doing this? Why would I sleep in sorrow over this dumb crap? It's a console everyone! It's not a family member, or a friend. These things happen gentlemen. I'm not sad over this, the day of ungrateful pain, I'm fine. In fact, I'm better than ever! Now I can study harder, and be smarter in those test! I will still be in this beloved wikia, even after what truly made me stay for this wiki is gone. I made friends. So I'll stay.

(For those who happen to know nothing of what I just said and think "What the **** is this kid talking about?", well my PS3 got the Yellow Light of Death.)

I still got Gamecube! XD

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