JesusWebb needs a better Username

aka Jesus Adrian Webb

  • JesusWebb needs a better Username

    Hi, as you know, Hacking is bad.

    So to protect yourself(and/or your User), here are 3 ways to defend and acknowledge of someone's



    GodMode is a hack that makes you invincible to any damage.

    Ways to know someone is hacking:

    1. Kills but No Death ratio.
    1. Killstreak rewards being used constantly.
    1. Camping(Rare but used by hackers) through out whole match.


    • Leave the match.
    • Report if possible.
    • If he/she is in this Wiki, report to any Admin(or someone who knows an Admin) about his/her ways.


    A hack that gives you no weapon sway, small accurate crosshairs, Steady Aim(not the perk).

    Ways to know someone is hacking:

    1. Headshots on every kill.
    2. Camping(Rare)[again].


    • Leave(again).
    • Focus kills on him only(to ruin morale of hacker).

    AimBot can …

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