Hi, as you know, Hacking is bad.

So to protect yourself(and/or your User), here are 3 ways to defend and acknowledge of someone's



GodMode is a hack that makes you invincible to any damage.

Ways to know someone is hacking:

  1. Kills but No Death ratio.
  1. Killstreak rewards being used constantly.
  1. Camping(Rare but used by hackers) through out whole match.


  • Leave the match.
  • Report if possible.
  • If he/she is in this Wiki, report to any Admin(or someone who knows an Admin) about his/her ways.


A hack that gives you no weapon sway, small accurate crosshairs, Steady Aim(not the perk).

Ways to know someone is hacking:

  1. Headshots on every kill.
  2. Camping(Rare)[again].


  • Leave(again).
  • Focus kills on him only(to ruin morale of hacker).

AimBot can confuse you, sometimes players just get lucky or are experienced players.

Unlimited Sprint

Players will run nonstop and annoy other players.

Ways to know someone is hacking:

  1. Players are seen running without stopping or throughout whole match.


  • Leave.
  • Ask players to kill hacker only.

This hack is minor and might not be too irritating. If you want, tolerate it.

Thats all fellows and stay safe.

Message me if you me to Edit more into this blog.

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