Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I'm bringing you the top 10 perks IMO. I won't be including Juggernog, or Quick Revive since those would be obvious. And no exo uprades either. Let's dive right in.

10. Mule Kick

Mule Kick Machine Render

Mule Kick comes in at number 10. It is available on all Black Ops 1 maps, Die Rise, Buried, and Origins. It costs 4000 points, and lets you hold 3 guns. I don't think Mule Kick is that useful, and it costs a lot of points. The fact that it takes away a gun when you go down makes it not that worth it. There are a couple of maps that is good on. Here is my list of maps it is good for.

Nacht Der Untoten

Kino Der Toten (Maybe)

Call of the Dead


Origins (sometimes)

9. Deadshot Daiquiri

Deadshot Daiquiri Machine Render

Deadshot Daiquiri isn't too useful of a perk. It costs 1500 points, and makes you reticles smaller, auto aim to the head, and remove swaying on snipers. It appears on Call of the Dead, Shangri la, Moon, Mob of the Dead, and Origins. It does cost less, and is really great for when you want to get headshots. All in all it isn't a bad perk, it just isn't as important as other perks like Jugg, Double tap, or PHD. Here some maps, where it can be useful.

Call of the Dead

Mob of the Dead

Origins (sometimes)

8. Tombstone

Tombstone Machine BOII

Tombstone is a very weird perk, but I find it to be very fun. It costs 2000, and appears on Tranzit. You can kill yourself when you down, then get your guns and perks back through this power-up. This can be used to actually get all of the perks on the map that you are playing on. The only downside is that it is only available on co-op. However, it isn't no extraordinary perk, so that is why its so low on the list. I can't recommend a map, since it only appears on Tranzit.

7. Who's Who

Sorry, but there is no picture that I can use :(

Who's Who is basically the souped up version of Tombstone. It costs 2000 points, and allows you to revive yourself via clone. This is a genius perk, because it gives you back all your things, and can be used on solo. The only problem, is that you're clone has nothing but the starting pistol. It only appears on Die Rise, but it can be useful sometimes on that map.

6. Vulture Aid

Vulture Aid model BOII

Vulture Aid is one of the last perks added into Black Ops 2. It costs 3000 points, and appears only in Buried. It has many uses that are really cool. It allows you see wall weapons, mystery box, and perks. It makes zombies drop points, drop ammo, and makes their eyes brighter. You can also find a mist that can act like camo against the zombies. It is a must-have on Buried.

5. Speed Cola

Speed Cola Machine Render

Speed Cola is one of the better perks that some would agree is a must-have. Although I agree, I don't think it is a must-have. This perk appears on every map except for Nacht Der Untoten. It costs 3000 points, and makes your reload twice as fast. This really is a top-tier perk, but I have on glaring problem with it... the price. It costs way too much. You may say, "It shortens reload time, Jimi!". So does Exo Reload, and it only costs 2000 points!!! My recommendations are any map, this perk is just really useful. Here a few maps it is a must-have when taking wonder weapons into account.

Shi No Numa

Der Reise

Kino Der Toten


Call of the Dead

Mob of the Dead

4. Electric Cherry

Electric Cherry Machine BOII

Electric Cherry is one of my personal favorite perks, and I kinda perfer it over Speed Cola. It costs 2000 points, and creates a shock-wave whenever you reload. This is probably my favorite perk introduced into Black Ops 2. It is cheap, but it can't effectively replace it. However, it is a good thing to have before you buy Speed Cola. It is on Mob of the Dead and Origins, and I recommend it on both of these maps.

3. Stamin-up

Stamin-Up Machine Render

Stamin-up is really great perk to have, especially on the bigger maps. It costs 2000 points, and it makes you move faster and run longer. It is really cheap, and makes it really great to maneuver with heavy weapons such as the HK21. What I like about this perk, is that is on maps that make this perk convenient to have. This perk appears on Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-la, Moon, Tranzit, Buried, and Origins. I highly recommend it on these few maps.

Call of the Dead




2. PHD Flopper

PhD Flopper Machine Render

PHD is one of the best combinations ever. It costs 2000 points, and has a variety of abilities. First off, it makes it nearly impossible for you to kill yourself. You take no splash or fall damage, and creates an explosion whenever you dolphin dive off of a high spot. PHD appears on Ascension, Call of the Dead, Shangri-la, Moon, and Origins. It is really fun to have, and is like an extra Jugg. It is the best of the new set of perks available after World at War. I recommend it on the following maps.


Call of the Dead


1. Double Tap

Double Tap II machine BOII

Double Tap is a really great perk, and I just love it. It costs 2000 points. It appears on almost every map, with the exception of Nacht Der Untoten and Ascension. It doubles your rate of fire, which is really useful for shot guns and rifles. Some may hate Double Tap, but I enjoy it. But what really makes this number one is its Black Ops 2 counter-part, Double Tap 2. This has the same effect, but now it shoots two bullets for the price of one. It is basically double-damage. For Black Ops 2, I recommend it on all maps.

Thank you guys for reading my top 10. Feel free to share what your favorite is down in the comments below. Thank you, and see you next top 10.

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