Hello, this is Jimi56. Today I'll be ranking the exo zombies maps based on how much fun I've had with them. Let's dive in.

4. Infection/Burger Town

Don't act like you didn't see this coming! Burgertown is obviously the worst map out of the 4. The doors cost a lot of points, the survivor round is tedious, that stupid boss zombie is too hard, and the wonder weapon isn't even that good! Don't get me wrong, it does have some enjoy ability to it. Forget co-op though. Is it the worst zombies map? No. What maps are worse than this one? Tranzit, that is about it. I can see what this map was trying to do, but it failed miserably at it.
Magnetron Render AW

3. Outbreak

The first experience. This was a good first impression. This map wasn't half-bad. The areas were fairly tight and the guns weren't the best, but there was plenty of fun to be had on this map. It was simple and I liked it. It wasn't too co-op friendly, but it still has some replay value.
Outbreak Environment AW

2. Descent

Now, let me be quick on this one. Outbreak+betterguns=descent. The only problem is that the map is super tight, and the boss fights with Oz can get a little annoying.

1. Carrier

Burgertown released, and everyone lost hope in exo zombies. A small beacon of light appeared, Carrier. Carrier is the map that was the most fun on co-op. The map is nicely compact, with plenty of open space to move around in. The Limbo is one of my favorite wonder weapons in all of zombies. This map executes every thing so much more better than all other 3 maps, and it suffers the least for it.

Which exo zombies map did you like the best?

The poll was created at 01:16 on September 7, 2015, and so far 9 people voted.

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