Hello there this is Jimi56 with the top 10 Zombies Wonder Weapons. Wonder Weapons appear in the Zombies game mode for Call of Duty: World at War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, And Call of Duty: Black Ops II. These are different from other guns you can get, and are unique. There are a few criteria's:

1.Ray Gun and Ray Gun Mark II are not included

2.There are so many tactical grenades that only the best one will be included.

3.If a weapon has a staff counterpart, then they will be compared to see which is the best

10.Winter's Howl vs. Ice Staff

Winter's Howl model BO

Oh yeah, Winter's Howl. This weapon was awesome in the maps that were hard. Wait, there's a staff counterpart. Winter's Howl is a weapon that you can receive out of the Mystery Box for 950 points, It shoots out a blizzard that goes forward and can hit a few zombies. Although the damage is low, it slows down zombies making for a useful escape. When put into the Pack-a-Punch Machine for 5000 points, It becomes the Winter's Fury and gets an increase in damage, duration, and range. The staff of Ice is similar but one shot only spreads to 3 zombies. All the staff's need to be built before they can be taken for free. When upgraded through puzzles, it becomes Ull's Arrow. It gains extra damage, but for some idiotic reason, doesn't increase the amount of zombies it hits. What's worse though is that this gun only temporarily freezes them. The upgrade also includes a charge shot which insta-kills anything in it. It also receives Sekhmet's Vigor which can insta-kill anything and revive teammates. Finally, time to compare.

--Name                     Ammo                 Insta-kill           Kills             Maps --

Winter's Howl            30/45                  No              24(Low rounds)    "Five" Verruckt
Staff of Ice             66/99                  No/Yes              3             Origins

--As you can see the staff of ice holds the trophy for more ammo and insta-kill when upgraded.--

9.31-79 JGb215

31-79 JGb215 3rd person BO

The 31-79 JGb215 appears in Shangri-La in the Mystery Box. It is also referred to as baby-nator, shrink-ray, and baby maker. This gun will shrink zombies, then you'll be able to insta-kill them by walking into them. It also has an ammo capacity of 25, 5 in a mag, and shrinks for 5 seconds with every shot. you get about 125 seconds total, but it shrinks boss zombies such as the Napalm Zombies for one second. Upgraded, it becomes the Fractalizer. This raises the ammo to 48, and shrinks them for 15 seconds. This gun is good however, when you put a gun like this in a map that is hard because the map makes it that way, forget about the box. Your only hope is for it to NOT spawn in the waterfall. That's probably why this gun isn't higher, and yes, I call it by its original name.

8.Gersch Device

Gersch Device Pickup BO

Yes, this is the tactical that I chose. It sucks them in and kills them. Not distract then hurt, not headshot, not give you crappy powerups, but KILL them. Besides, this doubles as a teleporter. Can the Cymbal Monkeys do that, no. You carry three of them and obtain them out of the Mystery Box in Ascension and Moon. Since this is a tactical grenade, there's not much else to say.


Sliquifier Menu Icon BOII

The Sliquifier is a buildable gun that appears in Die Rise that Kills zombies in a group, it will hit the ground to create a slippery puddle once shot. This can be easily built making this gun easy to get. It has an ammo capacity of 50. This gun can't be Pack a Punched which is weird. People may compare this map and gun to Shangri-La, and ask how come its weapon isn't higher on the list. Because this gun can be obtained on round FREAKING ONE. Plus, if you know how to get around Die Rise, it's not that bad.

6.Zap Gun Dual Wield vs. Lightning Staff

Wave Gun Mystery Box BO

Here's another battle. The Zap Guns are like dual wield Rayguns except their Insta-kill. They shock and kill anything but the boss. They can be combined to make the Wave Gun, Which inflates them and blows them up. When Upgraded it gains more ammo and becomes Porter's X2 Zap Guns/Max Wave Gun. This gun is useful on a map as difficult as Moon, making it a must have. The staff of Lightning shoots a ball that shocks and links up to two zombies. on higher rounds, it tends to make crawlers however. When upgraded it becomes Kimat's Bite and gets a charge shot that goes straight-forward and kills and stuns zombies, and like the others gets Sekhmet's Vigor. Alright lets look at the stats

-- Name                      Ammo                   Insta-kill           Kills                Maps --
Zapguns(Wave gun)         80(14)/124(28)           yes(yes)             1(24)               Moon
Staff of Lightning         132/198                  no/kinda             2                  Origins

I must say, It's close but in the long run it would be the Zap Guns that win.

5.Fire Staff

Staff of Fire Origins menu icon BOII

The Staff of Fire is without a doubt the best staff out of them all. It shoots fire balls that go in a circle that will make them slower than a napalm zombie, this staff also seems to do damage overtime. The fact that you can upgrade this easier than all the others is amazing. Once upgraded it becomes Kagutsuchi's Blood, which gains a charge shot that fires three fireballs that go forward and fall straight to the ground to create a puddle of lava that explodes after awhile(which is always insta-kill). Ammo count is 99 while upgraded is 132.Unfortunately this staff can cause glitches that end the match sometimes.


Paralyzer menu icon BOII

This gun is complete. It succeeds the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 in all ways. It never runs out of ammo, but has an overheat limit that , get this, doesn't explode. It is found on Buried. It can slow zombies and make crawlers! The one aspect that everyone knows is that if you point it to the ground, shoot then jump, you'll fly. When pack-a-punched it becomes the Petrifier which will take longer to overheat. Unfortunately, there has been a patch that makes the paralyzer stop killing zombies at round 70. The Paralyzer is also the only weapon that doesn't hurt the giant.


Blundergat Menu Icon BOII

Well, the Blundergat is unique, why? Cause it can be upgraded twice, it's one of the few wonder weapons that more than one person can hold, it shoots bullets, and makes crawlers. it also has the ability to headshot kill Brutus. With Electric Cherry, you will find it and Speed Cola usefull because you have to constantly reload. As you may have guessed, this gun is in Mob of the Dead. When upgraded it becomes the Sweeper, and gets 2 shots in a mag. It can also be acid gatted into the Acid Gat, a three round burst explosive weapon. You the know the Titus-6, yeah well it's like that but shoots out acid darts that explode. When upgraded, it becomes the "Vitriolic Withering", yeah really slips off your tongue. It basically makes the darts like monkey bombs. The ammo is weird so here it is for you.

Blundergat: 1/60


Acid Gat:3/90

Vitriolic Withering:3/150


Thundergun model BO

Do we even need to compare this to the staff of wind? its like taking Airman off Megaman, and pitting him up against a Gersch Device. The thundergun is in 3 maps. wish it was in BOII, cause it clearly makes-up its low ammo with large fire power. With an ammo count of 2/12, it's best used in emergency. Through a glitch, it is one of the few WWs that two people can hold. PLEASE TREYARCH, BRING THIS GUN BACK. Once pack-a-punched, it becomes the Zeus Cannon. It gains more range and an ammo count of 4/24. Now, before hit No.1, let's look at some honorable mentions


Scavenger Weapon

This weapon is off Call of the Dead, it fires explosive bolts. but, it feels like it was made to kill George easier. I don't really use it for anything but that.

Hell's Retriever

Hell's Retriever BOII

this is a tactical grenade off Mob of the Dead. It was close because in a way, it's like the the Wunderwaffe, it could be charged, and upgraded. but, it left zombies bleeding out instead of killing them.


Ray Gun 3rd person view WaW

trust me, if I didn't be fair, Raygun would be No.1 due to it's many appearances.

1.Wunderwaffe DG-2

Wunderwaffe DG-2 3rd Person WaW

The Wunderwaffe or Wonder Waffle is featured in three maps. This is what started the trend. This gun shoots a ball of electricity and shocks a zombie and links up to 10 zombies. Ammo? 3/12=150 kills. The fact that this gun appears in good maps is why I can excuse it for not being in BOII, but it should've been in at least one map. This map has left such an impact on the gamers that it's like a race to see who gets it. Its upgraded weapon is beast. Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ, with ammo of 6/30, it now links up 24 zombies(except in BO).The only bad thing is the splash damage, worst than the Rayguns, and in WaW it can take away yours and a teammate's Juggernog if splash damage hits them. Still the wonder waffle is a power-up in call of the dead, reverse happened with the Death Machine. What's also great is that I had never played Der Riese until Christmas 2013 and when I played Shi No Numa in the summer, note I haven't played that map due to it being difficult for me at the time, and saw this gun in the box, I was freaking out, I had never saw it before that moment. If you liked this top 10, then comment and suggest for more top tens.

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