Ehh why not. This is Jimi56, and I'm bringin you my top 10 favorite songs from CoD zombies. My only rule is no Avenged Sevenfold, It is a mess trying to place them in a spot that I like.

10. Carrion

Clark just perfects this song. I like the nice play on words such as "chosen 115" or the title itself. The only reason this isn't higher is because it is on Tranzit, and I always found it to be a pain to get the song to play. I also feel that it is trying to confuse people with the title, it seems like A7X song, "Carry on". Overall, a great listen, but it isn't nice to activate.

9. Snakeskin Boots

Detail and dedication, that is what I love about this song. It is an original song that is just nice, and sounds like the jazz that the map is based off of. This song even has an instrumental and regular version. My only problem is that the is a little short, and the instrumental solo drags on for a bit.

8. Where Are We Going

The first song to be sang by Malukah. This song perfectly captures the thought of being stuck on Alcatraz island, and the confusion of the characters' situation. This song may be short, but it uses its time very wisely. I do think the song has some parts that weren't that memorable, and the activation method wasn't too nice either.

7. Paredoilia

I love Shangri-La... End of story. Jk, but seriously this song is nice. These lyrics make me wonder what happened in this jungle. I really love how clever this song can be with the words. This song isn't that memorable, except for the world's 2nd greatest guitar solo ever to grace all of zombies.

6. The One

I can't tell you why I like this song, I don't think I need to. This may have been the second song in Zombies, but it really set the mood for what the rest of the maps' music would be like. The only bad things are the activation of this song, and the screaming can sound a little ridiculous sometimes. It is still a great song.

5. Cold Hard Cash

This song, man. It is basically a little shorter than Snakeskin Boots, but it uses its time very well. The start is nice, and tells the story of Jessica Rose(Presumably). I think the song can be very catchy for the most part. The instrumental part is so great, I find myself shooting my gun to the song. I just think this song is great; but like some before it, the activation is a little tedious.

4. Abracadvre

Clocking in at about 6 minutes, Abracadvre is one of the best songs ever. I'm not a huge fan of Ascension, but this song changes that opinion quick. There is one part where the song changes its pattern, and that is when it is at its best. The only thing that I kinda don't like is that this gets a little repetitive on a second listening.

3. Always Running

This is without a doubt, the best song in BO2. I think it adds serious tension, something the Tranzit crew lacks. The fact that they die here makes this song seem more relevant to the map. I also think that of all the quirky references to past songs, this one had the best. "Falling far away from the Beauty of Annihilation."

2. Dead Again

This song is just perfect. The activation is easy, the instruments are nice, and Elena is back. I feel this song really fits the mood of Der Eisendrache, and Elena is at her best with this song. And unlike other songs, she doesn't let a guitar solo sneak in and steal the show. Speaking of which, if you listen to the theatrical version, you'll notice that you are listening to one of the greatest guitar riff/ solo ever put into zombies. This is definitely one of the best songs in zombies.

1. Beauty of Annihilation

This is one of the catchiest songs ever. Beauty of Annihilation is great from start to finish. I think there are so many things that this song gets right. Elena is giving this song her all, the guitar is great, the guitar solos don't last for long, so many breakout parts in the song, just enough catchy parts to keep memorable and not repetitive. I can't say much more about this song. It is so good, you hear it after 90% of the Max Ammo rounds.

Honorable Mentions

Not Ready to Die- Too hard to place on the list, it is very good.

115- Nice parts to the song, but I thought the screamo parts were goofy and repetitive.

Archangel- I think this song is just ok. I like the concept, but it just never really resonated with me that much.

Thank you all for reading as always. Tell what your favorite songs were. I'll see you guys in the next one, goodbye.

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