Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I'm going to be discussing the top 5 overrated zombie maps. These are the zombie maps that are praised by many, but aren't really that great. This is my opinion on the most overrated maps in the community, so don't get yourself in a bunch over this list; now, let's begin.


Why is town on this list? Everyone doesn't like Town. Well, would you believe that Town was the most played map at BO2's launch, since Tranzit sucked the big one. If I want to play BO2 casually, I and my friends usually pick Town. The only reason Town is more praised is because of PaP, which it is sad that Town is the only default, standard zombies map for BO2.


WHHHHAAAATTT! BURIED ISN'T A BAD MAP. But it isn't a good map either. I'm going to be honest, I just don't like Buried. I can understand why people like this map, but I just don't like it. I just don't like it because you have to use the Giant, and the witches are pretty annoying, but I love how they put the Wonder Weapon in the box. With Blundell in charge, he would probably belittle any employee that suggests that.

3.Call of the Dead

A lot of people are guilty of this one, including me. This is a great map, but George somewhat ruins the map. I think he is a great boss, but only because his death results in a Wunderwaffe and free perk. I feel like this is one of the few maps where you can get all the perks on the map pretty easy.


This map is praised by many as the best map on Black Ops, but that is a bunch of bull. Many say this map is easy, but boy is that a lie. There is only one good box spawn, and the initial spawn is the worst place it could be at! Unless you save a crawler, buy your perks, get a crap ton of points, get the teddy bear, and have all the wonder weapons; get ready to be using the MP5K and equally better wall weapons for the rest of the game! Points aren’t going to make much of a difference, because you constantly have to fork over thousands of points just to get your perks back. Oh, did I forget to mention the monkeys that take your perks? You should get a free perk if they take more than one of your perks, because that is just bogus. I just don’t see how people enjoy endless monkeys and god-awful box spawns, but I do enjoy the lunar landers and Wonder Weapons on this map.


Put your pitchforks down, and let me explain. I honestly don’t think Origins is the best map. It might be okay if it weren’t for the horrendous design choices that flood this map. You got the overpowered Panzersoldat. Many say he isn’t that hard, but just remember this; he first appears on round 8, and has the health of a round 30 zombie. I might also add that his claw is the worst thing about him. The Templar zombies serve as the Max Ammo round, except they spawn in WITH regular zombies; which isn’t that bad until you remember that they turn the power off. Speaking of the power, you have to turn on power in 6 different locations. You may reply, “Just don’t do all of the generators.” But I have to. Pack-a-Punch requires all generators to be powered. Name me one other zombies map where the zombies can disable Pack-a-Punch. I won’t even discuss all the tediousness of the staffs. I do like the ideas of Origins, but they don’t mesh well together. The one reason I think this map is ruined in my eyes, is because of movement. About 50% percent of the map is tight corridors. These halls are so tight, you’d have better luck trying to fit your dick inside of a Cheerio, than navigating these areas flawlessly. About 40% of the map is open areas, covered in mud. So you can’t walk at a regular speed for a great chunk of the map. The rest is open areas, but that is really just 10% of the map. I just think this map is one of the most tedious maps ever made, and I don’t understand how people say this is the best zombies map ever.

Whatever you think that is your opinion, and I'd like to hear them. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in my next blog......which might not be about zombies ; )

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