Hello, this is Jimi56 here. Today I’ll be talking about the top 5 specialists in BO3’s multiplayer. These are the characters with a special ability and weapon. I’ll rate them based on usefulness and fun factor. Before I start, I’d like to list some honorable mentions

HM#1. Ruin

Ruin was sooooooo close to getting on this list. His Gravity Spikes are really fun to use, and I really like his quotes. I can’t say I’m a big fan of Overdrive, as it isn’t that useful.

HM#2. Outrider

Outrider came close to making it, because of how fun the Sparrow is. I just don’t think her Vision Pulse is one of the lamest abilities in the game, even if it is useful against those dang, dirty campers. <

Now onto the list…

5. Nomad

Nomad makes it onto the list, but barely. His weapon? It is okay. His ability? It is okay. He is just an okay, neutral character (If this was a fighting game, he’d be A tier.) I also really like Nomad as a character, being the strong hippy he is. Nomad’s H.I.V.E.s are fun to use, His Rejack is fun and can be really useful against unsuspecting enemies. I think he is an overall, pretty good character.

4. Prophet

I love Tempest man’s specialties, although I’m sensing a Cyborg vibe going on here…..CoD Titans, GO!!! But his tempest is a great rifle, acting as a nerfed Wunderwaffe. His Glitch ability is the best thing to use in a tight situation, unless someone tracks you down. I personally have a soft spot for the Tempest, and think it is great.

3. Battery

This lady is awesome, as she kinda reminds me of Cassie Cage off of MKX. I can’t help but think that she is a lesbian, because of her hair and macho appearance (Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against people with different interests like that.) She has a way better version of the War Machine that I think is very balanced. Rather than contact explosions, they are timed explosives that can explode if they hit someone. Her Kinetic Armor is also really great going into a base to overtake the enemies. I do appreciate her, as she is a really interesting character too.

2. Reaper

“Thank you for choosing this fine Coalescence product”
I want to punch the robot after he says that, but I can’t because off his usefulness. He proves to be one of the cooler characters as Psychosis is one of the best abilities in the game. I also think the Scythe (Death Machine) is a great and fun weapon. I also really like robots as main characters…… WAIT!!!!! Reaper is a robot that starts to improve himself, he is known for being cloned a lot, and he has a hand cannon.  Reaper is Mega Man, confirmed. BOOM, Half Life 3 confirmed. BOOM, Richtofinati confirmed!!!

1. Firebreak

Come on, who else could it be? Firebreak’s flamethrower is the best Specialist weapon, as it does damage overtime. His Heatwave attack is like a surprise Flashbang. He is also a really funny character, and has a lot of life to him.

Thank you all for checking out this top 5. Make sure to tell me your favorite Specialists in BO3's multiplayer.

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