Hello there, This is Jimi56. Today, I'd like to talk about the new zombie map, Shadows of Evil. It is the new Black Ops 3 zombie map, and want share my opinions about it. I'm going to talk about the 5 things Shadows of Evil got right and wrong. We'll start with the rights.

5. Starting map

This map is the kind of thing you would see as a DLC. It has celebrities playing certain characters, It has all of these new changes. It screams DLC, but it is a starting map. This alone is great, because after BO2, we all were scared of starting maps. We've not seen a great starting map like this since Kino Der Toten. This is a grand starting map, and it is worth it.

4. Perks

This map has a great line up of perks. You have the average 4, plus Stamin-up and Mule kick. Then there is the new perk, Widow's Wine, which is probably my number 1 favorite perk besides Jug and Revive. It is hard to choose what your fourth perk will be, as I think Jug, Revive, and Widow's Wine are really must-haves. These are some of my favorite perks.

3. Theme

This map follows a theme, and it is great for it. My uncle thinks that these are the best characters in zombies. This map's design really fits the theme of the map. I love this 1940's vibe, and the confession rooms are very colorful. I love the little attentions to detail, such as the changed perk themes, guns to fit the style, etc. Speaking of the guns, I love the addition of the Bloodhound and Bootlegger. I wish that this could've carried over to the Giant with the return of the MP-40, MG42, STG-44, Browning, M1911, Bouncing Betties, FG42, and PPSh-41. In other words, I hope this feature gets carried over to other maps, and we see some returning guns.

2. The Music

I'm not gonna lie, I think the music is one of the best parts of this map. From the round change to the Easter Egg songs, all of the music is great. Snakeskin Boots, and Cold Hard Cash are great additions. The Round change music is perfect, and I love the one snippet that is taken from Cold Hard Cash. I think the most controversial music though, is the change of the perk jingles. TBH, I like these songs a lot. I think Double Tap and Mule Kick's 1940's variants are way better than the regular jingles. I just think the music is a soundtrack that I would definitely buy.

Other thoughts/ honorable mentions.

The other things I'd like to mention are just new things that aren't specific to shadows of evil. The gobblegum machines add an extra ability that is pretty cool. Adding attachments are really great, which adds new depth to each weapon.

Fixing the wrongs of another map...

This map is one of my favorites, because it allows me to enjoy a map that I despise. I know there are others that love this map, but I think this is 2 steps ahead of that map. Some of you can agree, but it is the most overrated zombie map ever.

1. This map is fixing the MAJOR problems that Origins had.

Yeah, that is right. This map is an improvement over Origins. Now don't get me wrong, I like Origins, but I wouldn't put it in my top 5 favorite maps. Here some examples. A majority of origins is hallways that are only 1 and a half zombies wide. People say that this map is too tight, yet they forget that Origins is really cramped. Pack-a-Punch may be harder to open in SoE, but you don't have to deal with the gate keepers every other round. The Margwa is a fair boss, unlike the Panzer Soldat. There are great things that are on Origins, which is why love the map so much, but I feel that the rewards in Origins are most certainly not worth the effort. While in SoE, the objectives are toned down a bit, and the rewards are way better. I feel like every step Origins took in the wrong direction, SoE took twice in the right direction. SoE is just a way better Origins, and I like it like that.

That is why I love the map, but let's look at the reasons I don't like this map.

5. The extra enemies

Besides the Margwa, I hate anything that isn't a zombie in SoE. The Parasites are okay, but still annoying. The Meatballs aren't that bad, but I think it was addition to put the R.A.P.S. as an enemy. Those guys I can live with, but there is one enemy I despise. The gatekeepers are the worst enemies yet. They just keep coming, and out-number you.

4. Lack of Mega gumballs offline

They could've put gumballs in. Don't give me no liquid divinium bull crap, or unfairness. They could add a certain limit to offline play. Ex. You get 1 Perkaholic per game. 3 unquenchables per game. 5 Pop Shocks. 1 Cache back. I wish they add an update to change this.

3. The Rituals

Nope, Nope, Nope. The rituals are really annoying. The fact that you have to do them to unlock Pack-a-Punch really grinds my gears. The infinitely spawning gatekeepers, along with regular zombies is too hard.

2. Co-op

This map isn't very co-op friendly. I mostly play this map on solo, because it sucks on co-op. There are only 2 ways I've played a good co-op game: With four players, or with someone that knows how to do everything. This is one reason I don't like the map.

Now, the other problems, I can live with. But the next reason is what makes number 2 a valid reason to hat this map.

1. No simplicity

I love all of the new things, and appreciate the work put into it. I like the beast, the civil dude, and the other features, but there is something my uncle says about these kinds of maps. "Now this is gonna sound like a crazy idea and a bit far-fetched, but let's just shoot zombies?" - my uncle. I like these new additions, but what on Earth are you get accomplished without the beast? No perks or pack a punch lead to a very frustrating map for casual players. It just saddens me that I can play SoE, but not with friends.

I hope you liked this top 10. If you agree or disagree, comment below. And leave suggestions for more top 10s.

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