Hello, here are the top 5 maps that I think should be remade in BO3. I will explain why, and what BO3 features they should add. Let's get to it.



Why Shangri-La? I would like to see them fix the few problems with this map. I want them to replace the mud with a less intense slow-down, like Origin's mud. I would prefer that the perks not be randomized. Another thing I think would be cool is if the PaP squares acted like the Der Eisendrache anti-gravity pads, so you don't have to worry about uncooperative players. For the Specialist weapon, I would like to see them bring back the Skull of Nan-Sapwe. I also want them to increase the size of the map, because it would be too tight to just port on over. The last thing I want is Widow's Wine in the AK74u room. I think this map would make a nice remake, and it comes in at number 5.


Verruckt Screenshot 1
I might be alone, but Verruckt was one of my favorite zombie maps, as it provided a great challenge. I want to see the Winter's Howl return, as it is one of my favorite wonder weapons. The specialist weapon? I would like the cut Sabretooth to be implemented. I would also rather have the HG-40 on the wall-buy near Double Tap. I do believe that there is enough room for one perk, which should be Electric Cherry; as it really fits with the asylum theme. PaP in power room, nuff said. One thing that I think would expand the map is the ability to traverse the courtyard. I would love to train around that area.


Dlc4 screenshots Moon 2 large
Moon is a mediocre map, but I would love to see what changes they could make to the map. I also really liked the addition of the hacker. There are a few changes that need to be done. Both Jugg and Speed Cola should bothe spawn at Area 51. I'm not sure on the Specialist weapon, but it could be a new weapon. I really do think that the entire Easter Egg should be completable on solo, and that you keep the perks after downing (Except for Quick Revive). I also want the jump pads to do less damage when you miss, and the perk bottle to appear on the pads.


Personal TranzitBusDriver meme
WHHHHHAAAATTTT. Why the worst map ever? Because, it is my least favorite. As Rob Zombie once said, "Go remake something that’s a piece of shit and make it good.". Most of the reasons people dislike this map are just shortcuts to make this map work on last-gen. I think there are a few things to do: Make Juggernog spawn somewhere other than the town, put weapons in the town, power shouldn't be buildable, and the PaP should be easier to get to. What should the specialist weapon be? The Jetgun. Trust me, this weapon will work way better than it is currently implemented. Replace Jetgun as weapon with the Thundergun. There are 2 perks I would love to see in this map: Vulture Aid and a Who's Who 2.0.

Honorable Mentions

Call of the dead 9

Call of the Dead

I honestly think that this map would be great if they made a few changes here and there. They should take out the fog. The VR-11 should be the specialist weapon, and George should spawn an extra perk slot instead of a random perk bottle.


Shi no Numa

This is just a nice map in general, and very fun cooperatively. I also think they should add Pack-a-Punch somewhere. They need to have the Peter easter egg return too.

1.Nacht Der Untoten

Nacht der Untoten zombies BO
What else deserves a remake? This isn't just a staple to WaW, this is the map most people had their first memories on. I really think this map should retain the Thundergun, and add perks. There is just so much they could do with this. I want to see them take this map to the outside of the playing field. I just want to relive the memories of this map. I really would love to see this map return.

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