Hello there guys, this is Jimi56. Today I want to share with you guys my top  5 reasons I'm excited for the new zombie map, Der Eisendrache. With under 3 weeks left, I'm really hyped for this.

5. The perks

After Widow's Wine, I've got a good feeling about the perks for Black Ops 3. I wonder what kind of perks they could put in Der Eisendrache. I want new perks along with some old ones. Vulture Aid, PHD, and Widow's Wine should return. Another thing I'd like to see is a Who's Who 2.0(I'd just love to hear that song as a walk around the map :D).

4. The guns

I personally hope they bring back guns like the Thompson and MP40. As for the wonder weapon, I would like to see one new, and one returning. The specialist weapon I'd really like to see would be the Sparrow, Purifier, or HIVE... but how Blundell is, he'll say 'SCREW IT' and put the ripper in. PS, GIVE US A WONDER WEAPON THAT WE CAN OBTAIN FROM THE BOX!!!

3. Simplicity

Kinda self explanatory, but I hope that Der Eisendrache is more simple. There doesn't seem to be any "vnirfkckdotheritualtopapvnjifnij" kinda stuff in the trailer. I want it to be power switch, boss round(As in nothing but the boss). Pretty much, a map that I could play if I had no idea what CoD zombies was.


I feel that if Der Eisendrache is simple, that will make it way better for co-op. The map will be more fun than the Giant, and it will increase replay-ability....speaking of which

Zombie feels/ replayability

I don't think I've been more excited for a zombie map since Descent... Oh that don't count? How about Origins then? Either way, this map looks like it will be way better than Shadows of Evil. This map also gives off that zombie's feel. This looks like it will be Der Reise on steroids.

So that is my top 5. Tell me why your excited for Der Eisendrache in the comments. See you in the next vid. Goodbye!

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