Hello, this is Jimi56. Today, I'd like to make a top 5 for Zetsubou no Shima. Unlike with Der Eisendrache, this will be a wishlist, rather than a hype list. Let's dive in.

5.Little things

This might not seem like much but I want some small changes. I just want things like a split-screen pause, multiple easter egg songs, more random player selections for multiplayer, unless the EE requires that character, solo easter egg, and more camping spots that live up to the cat-walk. These are just little suggestions that I think would improve the overall experience.

4.More guns

This is a big one, but I would like to see some new guns. I specifically want the Razorback and the P-06. Also, they seem to have to forgotten that this game mode takes place in the 40's. Where's the past guns!? They need to add several weapons, such as: MP40, STG-44, PPSh-41, MG42, Bootlegger.


We need a way to get more than 4 perks without gobblegums. This doesn't apply to just Zetsubou no Shima, I want this feature on all maps. Put the Random perk bottle back in the Giant. Put them in the Shadows of Evil pods. Der Eisendrache has multiple chances: Panzer could drop it, It could spawn in the tram, it could randomly appear in the Launch Pad's tracks, or you could do the rocket switch again to get a free perk. I would also like to see Widow's Wine appear in a physical form, since the Wunderfizz is always stubborn with it. 1 more request, Physical Electric Cherry and Vulture Aid. Thank you.

2.No Thrashers, please

There is a leak going around about a spider enemy called a Thrasher, and it looks like a load of bull. If this leak isn't fake, then I already have some bad feelings for this map. I don't care for the big boss being a spider, but with all the crap I seen in this leak; I hope it isn't true.

1.Wonder Weapons situation fixed.

The treatment of wonder weapons in this game is awful, you have to build them all. The Wunderwaffe-DG2, the only exception, has been extremely nerfed just because it is a box wonder weapon. We need enough Wonder Weapons for all the players, but we need some box weapons. My proposal is that you put past Wonder Weapons in the box, and keep new ones as buildables. For Zetsubou No Shima, mainly there is one last thing that should be stated...

31-79 JGb-215

This would be the perfect candidate for a returning box weapon. It would fit the island theme of the map, and we could also shed some light on its origins(As well as Shangri-La's). I would just love to see this weapon return, as it is one of my favorites.

Well that is my wishlist, I hope you guys liked it. Tell me your wishes for Zetsubou No Shima in the comments. See you next time.

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