What do you guys think black ops Co-op mode should be about?

Personaly it should be like world at war's one. 1 story 2 survival mode

ONE it has a Co-op mode that's NOT about the single palyer campaign it should be unique in its own way make every character feel needed have great sequences and make new types of tackles and stuff like that. Ex. In WMD there is a breach mode where you repel down and smash a window open and takeout NOT SAYIN TO BRING THIS IN THERE JUST SAYING IT.

TWO If there is a survival mode then don't make it nazi zombies. Hey i love zombies i got every one except for verruckt{asyulm} and it is great to have with friends and stuff but that was 2 call of dutys ago i want black ops to be unique in its own way not copying from its old game, but if it is in Black ops then i want it to be different like different types of ways zombie attacks different guns nice ways to get safety etc.

So what do you guys think?

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