Today, a husband and wife went on a leisurely motorcycle ride down around where I live. The woman lead in front of the man riding a tricycle, while he rode a motorcycle. They turned down my road, Green Hills Road, and not but a corner past my house the woman lost control of her vehicle, crashed, and lost her life. Even being completely unaware of who these people were, it weighs heavy on my heart to even imagine how fast anyone can lose such a huge part of their life... in the blink of an eye. A lot of people accuse me of driving slowly, or grandma-like, and I get really defensive and sometimes heated about driving, but it's only because I'm so scared about ever being involved in something like this that I want to do as much as I can to avoid it. I know it's sometimes annoying but I never want to hurt anyone with me, or any other driver because of a stupid mistake I make. It could completely ruin my entire life, or end another's, and I would never want to increase the chances of doing something like that by putting on a silly show for my friends, or not wearing my seatbelt because it wasn't cool in the moment.

After my dad told me about the woman down the road, I wondered for a long time how the husband will go on. It really affected me. His wife, his sould mate, taken in an instant! I nearly cried trying to comprehend probably the worst thing any of us could withstand.

I do not ever wish this upon anyone. There is nobody I know that I would think it okay for them to drive recklessly, if even only for a second, because everything can change that fast. Please, if you hear about this accident or read this, please make an effort to drive safely. There's no other way to put it. You have to, for yourself and others, to save lives, to be more of a role model to your friends, or what have you. If I were a religious man I would pray that everyone I know can somehow make an effort, whether through themselves, or encouraging other people to drive more carefully.

At this point I don't care for the appearance of this post. I just want those who walk the line every time they get behind the wheel to choose life. Everyone is loved by somebody and injuring yourself or others will weigh upon them sometimes even more than you. Please, please drive safely. Joe Copp 01:07, August 12, 2013 (UTC)

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