Hi guys! Joe here. Some of you may have seen it, but I made a proposal that we start up a wiki newsletter.

What is this? Well, it would be a talk page message automatically posted to your talk page by a bot roughly every month or so, if you were to sign up for it. It would have lots of information about stuff that happened on the wiki since the last newsletter. Stuff like policy changes, big events, projects, and just about anything could be explained in detail on the newsletter for those that haven't been keeping up on them themselves. It would mainly serve to keep people involved in less popular site-wide projects, like the Improvement Drive or the War Room. It would also contrast the weekly news blogs a bit since those focus primarily on CoD-related news.

So far people seem to like the idea, so while we can argue and decide what exactly will be on the newsletter and who will write them later, right now we need to get an idea of how many users would like to sign up for it. So, if you would hypothetically sign up for this newsletter, please leave your signature at the bottom of this page. Much obliged! Joe Copp 20:35, November 3, 2013 (UTC)

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