What caused the XBOX 360 to become so much more popular for gaming purposes than the PS3 or the mighty PC? Before it came out, I believe that PC gamers were the highest in numbers. But according to websites I've recently read, XBOX sold many times more copies of MW2. Has PC been forgotten? In fact, when i went to GameStop on November 11 to buy MW2, the man at the counter, after acknowlageing I was going to buy CoD, asked "XBOX or PS3?" Obviously, I gave him a rather disappointed look and told him PC, to which he responded with a sharp look of suprise. And even this Stimulus Package, which comes out for PC MORE than a month after XBOX. My question is, what happened to the good old days, when lines of PC players would swarm EB Games for the latest Red Alert? Now, PC is all but forgotten by the ignorant users of XBOX, who ask me for my XBL tag as soon as I say I have MW2. Quite frankly I'm tired of just the ignorance. I'm fine with the console... just the ignorant ****s that think nothing of other systems.

PS. Don't over-react, for God's sake.

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