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  • Joeboe1998


    June 16, 2010 by Joeboe1998

    Now that I'm a hardcore veteran with over 115 contributions (wow!) I would like to be made an admin.

    No joke.

    Upon approval, I will remove articles such as this, this, and especially this!

    Thank you for your time. Also, upon approval, the wiki will be permanently closed, and all of your accounts permanently banned, for the good of the wiki, it's like nuking a country for 5 or 6 vandals that live in it.

    Oh yeah.

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  • Joeboe1998

    I'm not sure if this blog has already been made, but I just thought of it my head....

    I want a longer campaing, and less campy multiplayer.

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  • Joeboe1998

    I am working on a FPS, like Call of Duty, but there's only one level, but it's very intense. Do you have any ideas on how I could improve on it? If you have a random idea, just let me know. It will be on the Internet soon enough, and I will post a link.

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  • Joeboe1998

    NOT including the UMP45. There's no doubt that if you know how to use it, it's by far the best, but I want to know the best SMG not used cheaply, ie, silenced, and spraying all over the place. If you use UMP, you don't use Stopping power, you use Lightweight, and then, well, you suck. Ha.

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