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  • Johnchris986

    - I really liked the storyboard/campaign of Black Ops 2 the story got a big twist since Black Ops One. The campaign is like a maze or a puzzle that I which really like to solve. I just don't like the Player's Choice part for the deaths,decisions or what because it makes the game really complicated and it's difficult to create a new part. I want Black Ops 3 for real! Also, I like that this game is very worthy, even this is killing,action, you can learn many from it. I enhance my History skills because of this games, Unlike some other games is shit not worthy there very brutal graphics.

    - It's the characters who let me learn about my emotions. The biography of the characters seems to inspire me,specially David Mason. Ive been really emotional…

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  • Johnchris986

    For Segways.. I thank activision for developing BO II because it have a maze good storyline and I learned many in this emotional game. About Hudson I just wanna say that he trust easily on people he see. Look at the Mission Old Wounds, He trust the Chinese easily and at the end they have been seiz, the chinese just used them. Also, at Suffer With Me he trust Noriega about Menendenz. He say take the headshot but it's Mason. He is also bossy...

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  • Johnchris986

    Opinions About Hudson

    January 4, 2013 by Johnchris986

    My Opinions about activision is I like the storyboard, very emotional story. If I will describe Hudson, He got much trust in his hearts, He trust and trust, look on the Chinese ones at the interrogation at 'Old Wounds' . Hudson trust Chinese but after chinese betray them. It is Hudson's fault for such failures in their missions in the past. Also, he trust Noriega in sniping the target Hudson says "Take the Headshot" He doesn't think of what he was doin. Thats all..

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