• Johnny McAppleSeed

    Honestly, COD has made well over 3 billion dollars, they have hired THREE new developers to help make games go smoother, canceled just about every other series besides COD and many more.

    Although it seems quite obvious COD will never be canceled under these circumstances, people still seem to think so.

    All it needs is a novelization and this game is practically Tom Clancy.

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  • Johnny McAppleSeed

    I made a blog about the topic, and surely enough people were interested. I procrastinated and ripped up Battle Vietnam 2 for the last few weeks, so I sat down and came up with this as a "trailer" of sorts.

    It was a quiet, warm day. Mosquito's buzzing, the scent of napalm in the air. I had no reason to enjoy or complain, as I crawled through the tall grass, straw hat on my heat, sandals on my feet, SVD rifle in my hands, scope to my eye. I kept it aimed at the dirt path, waiting for a NVA patrol to cross.

    As Weaver had told me, "Viet Cong from all over the country" was coming my way, trying to stop me. I had simply replied “The NVA doesn't scare me. Woods and I escaped easily enough, its the Black Ops I'm worried about.” Surely enough, not kn…

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  • Johnny McAppleSeed

    I would like to see it harder to get to.

    In Der Rise the PaP was a lot harder to get to, and I remember only getting a handful of times and only once or twice

    On Kino, Five and Ascension, I find myself getting more powerful weapons and going to the PaP a couple times.

    I'd like to see the new map be incredibly harder, larger and with more choke points and such as that.

    Also, please remove the monkeys, or make them less powerful. I find myself losing perks constantly in Solo mode. I don't know if this is a glitch but one touch and it is gone. I can defend Quick Revive and Juggernaut but they're so damn little, take a lot of shots and can toss a grenades. Make them easier or bring back Hellhounds from WAW.

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  • Johnny McAppleSeed

    New Patch?

    January 30, 2011 by Johnny McAppleSeed

    I plugged in BO and instead of getting those 999kb-4.3 Mb updates I get about every day (I don't know why),I got a 22 mb update. It seems now that the silencer on SPAS-12 does now make a differeince, the L96A1 has been nerfed (I can only get 1 hit kills from neck up, with no silencer.) and if that scope's intersecting line is just 1/2 a pixel off target, the shot misses. And finally it seems the Dragonauv's recoil has been largely reduced.

    The weird thing is, none of my friends have gotten a update and have not expirenced any of these changes. Has Treyarch found out that I created a class called IW St35lf C10wn and are punishing me?

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  • Johnny McAppleSeed


    -COD2's length

    -COD4's drama

    -COD6's Action

    -COD7's General Story

    -COD5's Grittyness.


    -COD6's Addictiveness and Variety

    -COD5's Balance

    -COD4's General Fun

    Extra Game Mode

    -COD5's addictiveness and zombies.

    -COD6's Variety.

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