I made a blog about the topic, and surely enough people were interested. I procrastinated and ripped up Battle Vietnam 2 for the last few weeks, so I sat down and came up with this as a "trailer" of sorts.

It was a quiet, warm day. Mosquito's buzzing, the scent of napalm in the air. I had no reason to enjoy or complain, as I crawled through the tall grass, straw hat on my heat, sandals on my feet, SVD rifle in my hands, scope to my eye. I kept it aimed at the dirt path, waiting for a NVA patrol to cross.

As Weaver had told me, "Viet Cong from all over the country" was coming my way, trying to stop me. I had simply replied “The NVA doesn't scare me. Woods and I escaped easily enough, its the Black Ops I'm worried about.” Surely enough, not knowing at the time, I was correct.

More coming soon...

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