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New Patch?

I plugged in BO and instead of getting those 999kb-4.3 Mb updates I get about every day (I don't know why),I got a 22 mb update. It seems now that the silencer on SPAS-12 does now make a differeince, the L96A1 has been nerfed (I can only get 1 hit kills from neck up, with no silencer.) and if that scope's intersecting line is just 1/2 a pixel off target, the shot misses. And finally it seems the Dragonauv's recoil has been largely reduced.

The weird thing is, none of my friends have gotten a update and have not expirenced any of these changes. Has Treyarch found out that I created a class called IW St35lf C10wn and are punishing me?

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