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  • Josep Monster

    "The crew escapes to an underwater big nave. They think that are save, but they aren't. A nightmare in the depths of the ocean. No escape, no choice."

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  • Josep Monster

    "Four intrepid adventurers with four different histories are in a cursed island lost in Japan. A fiery dragon won't hesitate to try to kill them. Element 115 takes over the victims of attacks of mythological creatures. A snowy mountain, a dark temple, traps, utilities, and a single purpose, escape alive from this terrible nightmare."

    - Level description.

    This map should be in a lost island in the Dragon Sea (Japan). The characters are lost in the jungle and they met in the lake when the zombies atack them and the round starts. The intro movie varies depending the character that you are.

    In the first room you're next to a lake and yo can open for 750 points to go for the lake way, or for 750 points, too, to go for the cave. In the spawn room t…

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