"Four intrepid adventurers with four different histories are in a cursed island lost in Japan. A fiery dragon won't hesitate to try to kill them. Element 115 takes over the victims of attacks of mythological creatures. A snowy mountain, a dark temple, traps, utilities, and a single purpose, escape alive from this terrible nightmare."

- Level description.

This map should be in a lost island in the Dragon Sea (Japan). The characters are lost in the jungle and they met in the lake when the zombies atack them and the round starts. The intro movie varies depending the character that you are.

Starting Room

In the first room you're next to a lake and yo can open for 750 points to go for the lake way, or for 750 points, too, to go for the cave. In the spawn room there's 2 windows that zombies can enter, also the zombies come from the water. There's a breach in the wall that the zombies can break and go into the map, the zombies can go in, getting out the floor. There are two Perk a Cola, one is Quick Revive and the other is random with Stamin-Up, PhD Flopper and Deadshot Daiquiri. This little part of the map has electricity, this makes that you can buy two perks. There's a purchase Olympia (500), M14 (500) and Skorpion (850).

Lake way

The lake way is a bridge that goes to a hut near to the other side of the lake. The bridge has form of nine. The zombies come from the middle of the bridge and the window below the stairs. In the left side there's a purchase MPL (1000). There's a door upstairs that can be opened for 750 points.

The Hut

The hut have two floors, in the first floor there's two windows and a purchase M16 (1200). In the second floor there's another window and the elevator that can be opened for 1000 points. Also there's Speed Cola infront the elevator (available).

Pre-Mountain Power Room

Is large room, the zombies come from the water in the right side and there's to breaches in the left side. In the middle there's a little broken temple, bihind the temple there's a purchase Enfield. When you activate the power the Jikininkis come out the temple. In the end of the room there's a big door that it has written in blood: Do not awake the Dra...- Need to write the rest of the word: DRAGON. This door can be opened for 1250.

Mountain Power Room

There's a really big room with an ice slide over the power switch. In the middle there's a river with freezing water. If you cross the waterfall in the right side you can go up stairs and fall into yhe ice slide ( you need vanillicing fresh water to cross the waterfall. ) But, don't worry because you can buy vanillicing fresh water in the left side of the room after activate the power.

Temple Power Room

Is a little room with a big head of dragon in the middle. On the sides of the room there are two windows that zombies can come. Behind the dragon there's a little corridor with the power switch in the middle. When you activate it, a napalm zombie appear, and the corridor close the doors untill you kill it (it's possible to die and get the end of the match, if you survive napalm zombies appear randomly in this area). When the power is turned on, Spectre Kas appear next to the power switch. Later the statue of the dragon start to trough fire from the tongue (the fire can make you damage but kill zombies too).


In Doragonkösuto should be four new playable characters:

  • Frank Woods: He escapes from the island's prison. He doesn't remember how he get there.(white)
  • Lisa Jones: She works with her partner (Larry González). They go to investigate the island.(blue)
  • Larry González: He works with his partener (Lisa Jones).(yellow)
  • Sakuro Tamoto: He's an employer from group 935. He goes to the island to look his "creations". But his "creations" attack him.(green)


The perks are:

Vanillicing Fresh Water

This perk a cola makes that the freezing water doesn't effect you, also the Kappas can't freeze you (but already can hit you).

This Perk a Cola is fresh water, and his indicator color is white.

Pick Up'Eide

With this perk a cola every time that you kill 70 zombies you get an automatic max ammo for you.

Is salty lemonade with blue tropic. His indicator color is whitish green.

Spectre Kas

Change to the secundary weapon, get weapons, aim, slash, slash recovery, bend down, lie and get up faster. Repair windows almost instantly (replaces Speed Cola effects). Also when you kill a Jikiniki the gas doesn't effect you. Run in the water. The napalm zombies can't burn you but already can hit you.

Is spacy Kas, his indicator color is reddish pink.

Off Wall Guns

Mystery Box

There's new guns in the box:

New Power Up

There's a new power up called Grim Reaper it seems to Death Machine but it gives to you a Grim Reaper.


There are all of the enemies:

  • Zombie
  • Crocodiles (They have a special rounds like Hellhounds)
  • Jikininki (Mountain)
  • Kappa (In the lake)
  • Napalm Zombie (Only in the temple)
  • Japanese Dragon (Special boss)

New Guns

Machetes There are available of the mystery box. They replaces the regular knife and kill a zombie at one melee untill round 20.

W413R Steal

There's a new wonder weapon available of the mystery box. This weapon shoots purple waves, this waves, turn the zombies into water. This weapon only have one "bullet" in the chamber, and 2 to reload. The power of the gun increases in the water and decreases in the hotest places.


It's a new launcher available of the mystery box. This launches more powerful type of semtex (3 at time). You can't aim with that gun, you need to wait 6 second till the gun it totally reloaded.

ElectricAxe (1)

Getting an Electrohawk


It's like a tomahawk but it has an electrical power, that makes an effect like Wonderwaffe DG-2 when it hits a zombie. (replaces incendiary grenades)


Here are some quotes:

Frank Woods

"Oh well... Now we're lost in the coast, I thought that only happen in Miami"
- Starting a Game
"Lisa, What you've been lost here? Hahaha... No, really.
- Starting a Game
"This water is freezing my teeth, it's horrible"
- After drinking Vanillicing Fresh Water
"You can't kill me!"
- After being hit by a zombie. Reference to the campaign mode when he plays the russian roulette.

Lisa James

"Well, at the moment nothing can surprise me anymore"
- Starting a Game
"Ouch, fuck off!"
- After being attacked by a zombie begin the window
"Hey Larry! Why you don't dive your head on the water, and counts 1000 seconds?"
- Randomly when she sees Larry near of the water.
"Stay away from my ass, bitch..."
- After being attacked by a crocodile.

Larry González

"Is this the real life?"
- When she turns the power in the mountain side. Reference to the video "Danny After Dentist".
"Hum.. Something is wrong here."
- Starting a Game
"It's me, or just passed flying a fuckin' dragon!"
- The first look to Japanese Dragon.
"I don't wanna be pessimistic, but this never ends..."
- Getting round 20.
"Here is so hot, estoy sudando"
- When he turns the power in the temple side. "Estoy sudando" means "I'm Sweating" in spanish.
"Siii, this is the end! For you, obviously..."
- When he gets M1887 pack a punched.

Sakuro Tamoto

"Oh yeah! I can smell that bitches from here"
- Starting a Game
"Mmm it tastes like a salmonical orgasm"
- After drink Quick Revive.
"It suppose that I had to be a ballet dancer, but I had lucky!"
- 'Randomly
"This drink is so hot, but not much as Lisa..."
-After drink Spectre Kas.
"I can see my flawless beauty reflected in it."
-After getting a Bowie Knife.
"Oh sorry, but have a torn die is not in my plans today."
- After been revived.


  • The AK-47 pack a punched had a flamethrower.
  • Larry González is the first zombie spanish playable character.
  • Is the first zombie map that have 4 wonder weapons: Ruy Gun, Scavenger, W413R Steal and XM54.
  • Is the first zombie map in Black Ops to doesn't have the Dragonov in the Mystery Box.
  • This map is separated in 3 parts, the mountain (snow), the temple (desert) and the l
    Zombie map idea headshot

    Larry González killing a zombie with the Python.

    ake (jungle)
  • Larry González is the youngest playable character in zombies he is 17.
  • The crocodiles can kill each other.
  • The M60 has 150 bullets and 600 to carry, and pack a punched has 225 bullets and 975 to carry.
  • The M1887 pack a punched have dual wield and 10 bullets each.
  • The Kiparis pack a punched has rapid fire and 270 plus 25.

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