Now, the following theory is my own and would be very hard to do. The biggest problem is the Skill level. If you have one team that plays for fun that goes up against a team that plays competitively then the team that plays for fun has no fun and the competitive team wins. If there were a way to put people into two basic gropus (casual and competitive) then everyone would be decently happy. Of course you might need su-catagories like quickscopers, knifers, etc. I cannot think of a way to do this without problems. If you let them choose the catagory, they might lie. Although think about it, if there was a way to do that don't you think it would help CoD stay alive a few more games? Although we can't forget the technical problems, hacking, glitching, etc. Now before you make a comment, remember, this is a theory. It would be impossible to perfect, but if you could, I think it would work. If you guys have any ideas on a system that could help this work, leave it in the comments!

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