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  • Joshua Dzik

    First off, I want Selective fire. It eliminates the need for a modded controller. I would like to use a semi-auto M16 as opposed to 3 round burst only. If I can kill in one burst, that's nice. But the 3 round burst weapons don't always kill in 1 burst. Usually after this happens, you don't need another full burst, only 1-2 rounds. It would save ammo. For normally semi-auto weapons, They can just make them a little weaker in full auto. Makes sense right?

    Secondly, I like the Treyarch idea of no stopping power. The only way to make a weapon stronger, is to change the round it fires. Keep the no stopping power.

    Third, I like the no quick-scoping. Nobody bought MW2 to quickscope. It literally has come to the point that if you don't quickscope, y…

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