First off, I want Selective fire. It eliminates the need for a modded controller. I would like to use a semi-auto M16 as opposed to 3 round burst only. If I can kill in one burst, that's nice. But the 3 round burst weapons don't always kill in 1 burst. Usually after this happens, you don't need another full burst, only 1-2 rounds. It would save ammo. For normally semi-auto weapons, They can just make them a little weaker in full auto. Makes sense right?

Secondly, I like the Treyarch idea of no stopping power. The only way to make a weapon stronger, is to change the round it fires. Keep the no stopping power.

Third, I like the no quick-scoping. Nobody bought MW2 to quickscope. It literally has come to the point that if you don't quickscope, you're a "try-hard". You guys just have to make sure that the sniping isn't so horrible that nobody wants to do it like what happened with Black ops.

Fourth, don't just allow a person to buy any attachment they want. It doesn't give me much to go for. I want to unlock something other than just guns.

Fifth and probably the biggest topic, I like killstreaks. Everyone likes killstreaks. Make them able to get some kills but don't go overboard. Harriers were nice. They'd get you a few kills. A few. 10+ like the chopper gunner or AC-130 just made people rage quit. Nobody likes getting stuck alone because their team rage quit. Sure you can argue that "they could just use cold-blooded". You put cold-blooded in the same perk tier as stopping power. Most people play regular. Stopping power was deemed a necessity.

Sixth, attachments. A very important part of the game. Everyone loves these little guys. Everyone liked the idea of bling too. Treyarch did warlord the right way. By not putting it in the same perk tier as scavenger and by not allowing a grenade launcher to be used with anything else. I don't know why they wouldn't allow the other underbarrel attachments to be used with other attachments but nobody really uses them anyways. So back to attachments, Red dot is a favorite in general. Holographic was meh, it was used by people who wanted the tiny power boost and the tiny accuracy boost. Silencer is another favorite. People never fully realized that FMJ didn't actually boost the power. So it was used in excess. Heartbeat sensor. Most people used ninja anyways. Extended mags was nice. Not used often due to have to kill people through a wall 40 times! It's able to be done but it usually takes forever. Grenade launcher. Just take it out! People use it just to get easy kills. Hence the nickname noobtubes.

Lastly, onto the most important part! Guns! These make or break a game! I might be throwing in guns that I personally love in real life. My favorite guns in real life are the M14, M60, M1911, M3, M16, and MP5.

Also remember that alot of guns can't be made into selective fire. Two examples are the M60 and the M3.

Assault rifles

M16A4 - for pretty basic reasons

M4A1 - for pretty basic reasons

AKM - for pretty basic reasons

M14 EBR - High power, moderate vertical recoil

FAL - Higher moderate power, moderate vertical and horizontal recoil

G3 - Moderate power, low recoil

AUG - It fit's in there somewhat

G36 - It was a cod4 favorite. Not of mine but other people loved it.

AK-74 - I swear people are going to say that it's supposed to be in the Submachine category.

Sub-machine guns

MP5A2 - Not the horribly ugly MP5k variant.

UMP .40 - Note that it is the .40 and not the .45

Mini-Uzi - for pretty basic reasons

P90 - another fan favorite. Not mine personally but it's a favorite among many people.

MAC-10 - A Classic. Note that it's the MAC-10 not the MAC-11

Thompson or M3 - It's a fun idea. Plus the M3 was actually brought back into service by the Phillipines in 05.

Light Machine Guns

RPD - for pretty basic reasons

M60 - Powerhouse

FN Minimi - Better known as the M249

FN MAG 58 - Better known as the M240

MG3 - lol jk this would be overkill. 1300 rpm with high-power rounds. That's a no-no

Shotguns - yes, as primaries. Just don't make it multiple shots to kill. seriously. It's a pain in the ass trying to get off a second shot with a pump action when someone is spraying at you with an assault rifle or smg.

M1014 - A nice one

W1200 - A nice pump action

AA-12 - Understandable to be weakened. It's full auto.

Model 1887 - It's lever action. Give it nice Range and power but don't give people 2. Seriously.

Spas-12 - It's a fan favorite.

Sniper Rifles

M40A5 - It was a fan favorite. Plus you can't spray bullets.

M21 - Nice Moderate Power. Another Fan Favorite.

M82 - The .50 cal.

M200 - Another fan favorite. It's the Intervention.



M1911 - I love it, it's still in use, it's a classic, it's what most semi-auto pistols are based off of.

M9 - It's a fan favorite and the main sidearm of the United States Military.

Mk 23 - it's basically a USP

Colt Anaconda - It's the .44 magnum from MW2

Desert Eagle - make it like the one in COD4. It was 10 times better than the one in MW2. Make that 100 times

Glock 17 - It's used by many many countries and law enforcement agencies. It's a famous Pistol.


Stinger Missile - for pretty basic reasons

AT4 - for pretty basic reasons

RPG - for pretty basic reasons


Tomahawk - Kind of like a ballistic knife , as a melee weapon and throwable

Tazer - rediculous I know, but it could stun someone for a little while so you can pull out your primary

That's it people Whether you have suggestions or criticism, go ahead and post them.

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