• JstarRE

    I was playing cg rules

    November 10, 2010 by JstarRE

    I was playing Pug match with players and their convo was fun =D (starry and duke and jujuice on teamspeak with asian girl with black hair)

    • Jujice joined the game*
    • starry tubes JstarRE*

    Me: Starry your a fag you noob.

    Starry: nope your just gay.

    • duke frag jujice*
    • duke frag JstarRE*
    • duke team kills starry*

    starry: DUKE

    duke: what?

    starry: LOSER!

    duke: why?

    jstarRE: >_<


    • Duke emp*
    • duke ac-130*
    • duke kills JstarRE*
    • duke kills jujice*

    Duke: =D

    starry: your mum

    JstarRE: abit late.

    Starry: your mum was lated

    JstarRE: making me a sandwhich.

    jaci: shut up you fat sad guys

    (JstarRE microphone sing)

    JstarRE: Just a sad fat guy

    Duke: oh no not this again.

    JstarRE: plays cod day and night

    jaci: ???? ><

    • duke c4 jstaRE*

    1 minute alter

    • duke c4 JstarRE*
    • duke h…

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  • JstarRE

    I remember when....

    November 3, 2010 by JstarRE

    I remember when....starry ( my cg mate) was denied of his nuke streak - wait for it - FORGETING TO THROW HIS NADE.

    I remember when....I got my first chopper gun, first emp, first nuke in one game

    I remember when....I killed a whole team in SnD with one frag....fluke

    I remember when....I was killed by my own c4......

    I remember when....I was singing my parody song "looking down the scope" in a SnD match then was brutally killed by an AC-130 25mm and a enemy predator....they were actually starry predator and rockey's ac-130.

    I remember when....I died just then typing this

    I remember when....I lost my nuke typing the second "I remember when...." sentence...

    I remember when....I respawn in scrapeyard and fired, killing my team mate who…

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  • JstarRE

    These are my top 5 ways of getting rid of hackers on your team.

    5. talk with the hacker then praise them for their hacking then call them a loser and go and jump off a bridge.

    4. Record the game and post it on youtube with the steam ID or identification of the hacker.

    3. (only works with SnD) if your team is planting the bomb grab the bomb and jump off the cliff therefore the hacker is angry with you. allowing the other team to win is cheating in a sense....

    2. (pug match only CG rules, i play cg australia) with the friend fire toggle on kill the hacker if he/she is on your team.

    1. get your other team mates to tuant and tease the hacker. (make sure the hackers are really hackers or you would be seen as a bully.)

    My favourite way of getting rid …

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  • JstarRE

    So everyday when i wake up i eat an extra gum. People may not understand the importance of gum in my life. But it is what keep me awake

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