I was playing Pug match with players and their convo was fun =D (starry and duke and jujuice on teamspeak with asian girl with black hair)

  • Jujice joined the game*
  • starry tubes JstarRE*

Me: Starry your a fag you noob.

Starry: nope your just gay.

  • duke frag jujice*
  • duke frag JstarRE*
  • duke team kills starry*

starry: DUKE

duke: what?

starry: LOSER!

duke: why?

jstarRE: >_<


  • Duke emp*
  • duke ac-130*
  • duke kills JstarRE*
  • duke kills jujice*

Duke: =D

starry: your mum

JstarRE: abit late.

Starry: your mum was lated

JstarRE: making me a sandwhich.

jaci: shut up you fat sad guys

(JstarRE microphone sing)

JstarRE: Just a sad fat guy

Duke: oh no not this again.

JstarRE: plays cod day and night

jaci: ???? ><

  • duke c4 jstaRE*

1 minute alter

  • duke c4 JstarRE*
  • duke headshot starry*
  • nuke*
  • end game*


JstarRE: why did the game end?

Starry: i think someone nuked

jaci: who did?

Duke: not me

Jaci: same

Starry: not me

JstarRE: i had got no kills


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