These are my top 5 ways of getting rid of hackers on your team.

5. talk with the hacker then praise them for their hacking then call them a loser and go and jump off a bridge.

4. Record the game and post it on youtube with the steam ID or identification of the hacker.

3. (only works with SnD) if your team is planting the bomb grab the bomb and jump off the cliff therefore the hacker is angry with you. allowing the other team to win is cheating in a sense....

2. (pug match only CG rules, i play cg australia) with the friend fire toggle on kill the hacker if he/she is on your team.

1. get your other team mates to tuant and tease the hacker. (make sure the hackers are really hackers or you would be seen as a bully.)

My favourite way of getting rid of hackers is hacking in the game myself, and is the most effective way of rage-quiting the hacker with a taste of their own medine....til you get banned....not my fault if you do.

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