My first blog post on the CoD Wikia! :D

Griggs was the Staff Sergeant, heavy gunner and comic relief of Modern Warfare, and it was saddening for all to see him take a bullet to the head while trying to save you. But, really, did he die? Now, no, this isn't a whiny fan of Ghost/Gaz claim, far to the contrast. There is, however, a higher chance that Griggs survived than the Brit. The reasons why: 1: It still is unconfirmed where he got shot, be it the head or even the shoulder. Even if it was unlikely, it still is both possible and plausible. 2: In certain multiplayer AND campaign maps in Modern Warfare 2, one can come across a poster advertising a presentation of Infinity Ward: Griggs. Someone who appears to be either SSgt Griggs OR his voice actor, Mark Grigsby, appears on the cover, microphone in hand. Is he a rap artist, comedian or (most likely) just an easter egg? I can imagine Soap's surprise to hear that he had a chance of survival in The Hornet's Nest. So, any thoughts for the matter? I sadly think he died, but I rest assured knowing that IW put a small easter egg of him in the new game. Corporal Juan Jose Rodriguez Reportin' for duty. 03:03, November 23, 2009 (UTC)

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