If anyone's noticed at all that I've been missing, they're right - I just came back from a three day camping trip for my school. A couple of things happened to me, not all that important. I've got homework to do practically all weekend as well as FIFA to watch (viva Mexico, vamanos!)... but... something always happens while I leave. A while ago, when I left, Darthkenobi was banned for a while... and I found out that Bord was almost desyssopped. I heard a little bit about this, but honestly, somebody give me a sit rep? Was anybody banned or demoted???

Also, this is posted on an iPad - and I can say I like it!

I'm planning on buying both L4D2's The Passing, Mw2's Resurgence and Just Cause 2 soon. For the meantime, stay tuned and stay semper fidelis.

Corporal Juan José Rodriguez Reportin' for duty. 03:30, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

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