Well with the first turret you get at the spawn point, grab it and place it in the shrubs facing the Nova gas station parking lot, then head into Joe's Diner and grab that turret, run all the way to burger town and place it on its roof facing the centre of the map. When this is done run all the way to Nate's and put the turret on the roof facing the centre of the map as well. There should be 1 hostile up to this point, do not kill him(if you do, it will spawn the next wave) . Run to the bank and grab that turret, run back to Nate's and put it on its roof on the opposite side of the roof (facing the pave low), as that 1 hostile climbs the stairs, kill him, swap your M9 for the M14 EBR and fall off the roof of Nate's and sprint back to Joe's Diner and set up your claymores at the entrances and camp there. All the turrets will take the hostiles out quickly and use the AT4 to take out the BTRs and M240 to take out the choppers and use your M14 EBR to check that all your turrets are intact. DO NOT LEAVE JOE'S DINER AFTER WAVE 1 AS THE PREDATOR DRONE MIGHT DESTROY YOUR TURRETS! hope this helps.

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