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    October 19, 2013 by Jumping Melons56932

    I could sit down, type a whole article then give you a silly link which no-one will follow or I could just give you the link to the video which already explains what I think. I wonder which one I'll pick...

    I take no credit for this. All credit goes to the creator of the video and his sources.

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  • Jumping Melons56932

    Well..... You've probably clicked on this thinking 'Who the dandyplant is this? And what's up with the title?' Well, I'm Hyper, and I felt I needed to wright this. And the question I want to pose (I think I spelt that right) you is 'Where are we?' Are we on our computers? Yes. Are we on the internet? Yes. Are we on the Call of Duty Wiki? I don't know....

    Ok, so obviously we are. There's plenty of articles about guns, missions and everything else. But then (and I say this looking at VERY specific people (I say this so there is not a terrible uproar)) some people don't treat it like a wiki. I'll be the first to say the only reason this place is in my favourites is I like the news which comes out of it. But I feel that there are people who tre…

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