Well..... You've probably clicked on this thinking 'Who the dandyplant is this? And what's up with the title?' Well, I'm Hyper, and I felt I needed to wright this. And the question I want to pose (I think I spelt that right) you is 'Where are we?' Are we on our computers? Yes. Are we on the internet? Yes. Are we on the Call of Duty Wiki? I don't know....

Ok, so obviously we are. There's plenty of articles about guns, missions and everything else. But then (and I say this looking at VERY specific people (I say this so there is not a terrible uproar)) some people don't treat it like a wiki. I'll be the first to say the only reason this place is in my favourites is I like the news which comes out of it. But I feel that there are people who treat this site like it's an excellent place to hate CoD.

Just the other day I saw someone wright "[He] won't be picking up [Ghosts], [he's] too busy preparing 4 battle". If your "preparing 4 battle" why are you on the CALL OF DUTY WIKI? And thats not the end! I see people all the time cut this game down before it's even released, not willing to give it a chance.... Someone will turn around and say "It's only a few people. Stop complaining". The thing is, this is the one place you would hope these people would not go to, yet they make an account here! 

If your a hater and your reading this; it's one thing. It won't end the world so stop hunting it down like it will.

Look, you've probably began to get sick of me and a few are just downright hating me for saying this, but take a look around the wiki and you may see what I'm talking. Have fun swearing in the comments!

If you need to talk to me about anything my PSN ID is hyperborrean22. I do not check messages on my Call of Duty wiki account. Please take into consideration that this is highly subjective and this post (at time of writting) only reflects my views.

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