Welcome, to JusTiin Cas3's custom perks! This page is all about perks! You can find JusTiin Cas3's perks, requested perks, and some of V,'s perks here. To request a perk, copy and paste this form:


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Have fun creating perks everyone! I do all perks for free,

Want to make your own?

Use the video to learn how to make your own perk! Can be used in paint as well.

Savior Soda

Savior Soda

New perk idea.

Ok so I've been working on a new zombies perk called, Savior Soda. What it does is let you have an 2 extra perks, and it lets you keep all your perks when you get down (even if you die.), but you'll lose Savior Soda. Example, I could have Speed Cola, Quick Revive, Stammin-up, PhD Flopper, Juggernog, and Savior Soda. In solo, if you've lost Quick Revive, then this will be a great alternative. It will revive you when you get down, except you don't get the Mustang & Sally, and it revives slower, making the zombies spread out more. It can only be bought 5 times, and it will cost around 4000 points in-game because of all the benefits. This is sorta like Doctor Perk except you gain two extra perk, you keep your perks if you die, and you get revived in solo. This perk is extremely helpful on the higher rounds, as you get to keep your perks. Use in combination with Flashback Drink and you'll be impossible to kill!

Flashback Drink

Flashback Drink

Flashback drink. Custom made perk by JusTiin Cas3

Flashback Drink is the most useful perk on high rounds. What it does is let you keep one of your guns when you die, 2 of your perks, your special grenades (if any), and lets you stay alive longer when you are downed. The longer time being downed means team-mates have a better and longer chance of getting to you. When you spawn with your weapon, you will have full ammo on that gun. It can be bought umlimited times and will cost 3000 points in-game. Use with Savior Soda for the ultimate perk combo!

Triumph Tequila

Triumph Tequila

New perk by JusTiin Cas3

Triumph Tequila! The hot new craze every zombie killer is buying! A smaller, more portable version of pack-a-punch! For half the cost! (2500 points for people who can't do math) This new perk basically is like a mini Pack-a-Punch. It gives your guns more firepower, a new camo, (urban, digital, fall, woodland, etc.) but no attachments and extra ammo. So it's like a stopping power perk, with camo, and works for both guns. This is useful for people who want powerful guns, but can't afford Pack-a-Punch. The Triumph Tequila vending machine will turn on when the power is activated, and can be bought unlimited times. The only downside with this perk is you lose it when you pack a punch, so you don't have a random camo, a Pack-a-Punch camo, extra extra damage, and an attachment.

TNT Blade

TNT blade

:D by JusTiin Cas3

TNT Blade! A stunning new invention by Dr. Edward Richtofen! PhD Flopper means having to dive everywhere to make explosions. Too lazy? Then use TNT Blade! The power of a PhD Flopper explosion, packed into your bowie knife or sickle! (recharges every 20 seconds) Use to conserve ammo on small groups of zombies! Can kill up to SEVEN ZOMBIES! Gee wow! Buy it at your local Nazi Zombies map for only 2000 in-game points. Also, make knife swipes faster. So no more digging into zombies and getting stuck! Can also be used as commado lunge, increasing knifing effictiveness. No more will you have to waste your points buying a useless bowie knife or sickle! Get TNT Blade today!

Mountain Spew

Mountain Spew

Mountain spew. Perk by JusTiin Case (Grammer Nazi)

Mountain Spew (contributated by That Horrible Monkey) What Mountain Spew does is when you knife a zombie, you have a 50% chance of making that zombie a living bomb. He will stop for a second, before realizing he's going to explode, then chase after you again. Useful for conserving ammo and taking out a group of zombies (has a 10 second recharge time). CAN'T BE USED WITH TNT BLADE. Mountain Spew can be bought twice, then it's Mountain Spew pro. Mountain Spew pro makes the zombie a living monkey bomb, and will run in a different direction than you. This will also increase the chance of a zombie being a "monkey bomb" by 75%. But, this special use can only be used TWICE per round. So use it carefully. Pick Mountain Spew up for 5000 points, and Mountain Spew pro for 7500. Can be bought unlimited times. Only twice in one life though.

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