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Hello everyone, kat here with another gripping segment of the official wiki news™. I know this is supposed to be made on Sundays, but really the fact that i remembered to do this a day after Sunday is an achievement. -


Call of Duty News

Wiki News

If you didn't already guess it, We have a few forums that have no activity.


Summer Sale Teams

The poll was created at 07:04 on June 23, 2014, and so far 64 people voted.


Now since its so damned dead here, and since our one true lord and saviour gaben hath gifted us with a glorious summer sale, I'm gonna make a raffle/Giveaway thing. Whats up for grabs, for Free you may ask?

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition
  • Hotline Miami
  • Orion Dino horde

To enter the giveaway, Please just fill out the form below.


  • Giveaway will last a week.
  • 3 Winners will be picked at random from a pool of all usernames.
  • Winners will be contacted Via Talk Page, or Steam.
  • Must have me added on Steam to receive the games.
  • If you win and already have all of the games, another person will be selected at Random.

Best gif Ever

And, as always, here is the best gif ever. PFtNAhF.gif

#Selfie-vm7BQ.png 07:30, June 23, 2014 (UTC)
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