Hello everyone.
I'd like to start this off by saying its my one year anniversary on the wiki. Its been one hell of a year, and Its completely surreal to me that I've been here as long as I have. Instead of making this one of those blogs that just state my accomplishment and say thanks, I'm going to thank all of you.

This site wouldn't be what it is today without you. Doesn't matter who you are. Reader/Editor/Blog Commenter/Anon - Doesn't matter. You've all helped the site, and on behalf of all the admins, I say thank you. To all the wonderful administrators I've had the out-most pleasure working with, You guys do some work that goes very under-appreciated. Some of our admins put in hours that rival a full time job. Not many people understand this, and its amazing to see such dedication to something that's basically volunteer work. We have an amazing site full of great fans and people, from all walks of life, all corners of the earth. Its unique and humbling to see this.

To mention some of the people that go unnoticed, I'd like to also thank Wikia Staff. They're the great men and woman who run wikia and keep it working. They are some of the most helpful and genuine people I've met. Its astonishing to find so many nice people on one network.

What would a thank you blog be without mentioning a few people who have done some phenomenal work on here?! Please note that Its 1 in the morning as I write this, So if i didn't mention someone who's been a huge help to the site, you have my permission to yell at me ruthlessly!:

  • Crazy sam10 - Firstly I'd like to mention sam. He's been a long time contributor and has also helped clean up our filespace tremendously. Which is something that goes heavily unnoticed.
  • Callofduty4 - This man is a legend. Not only a great, Wonderful person, He's also one of the people who make this site tick. From building our front page to dealing with smaller issues, He deserves all of our hugs for just being one of the nicest guys to grace this site.
  • Chiafriend12 - He's one of our longest standing members and also one of our most humblest. He also compresses like, Every single image on the wiki so it loads quicker like a good guy.
  • WHISKEY35 - This guy welcomed over 17,000 people when we didn't have our lovely Welcome bot. His dedication and scary work ethic is something to marvel at.
  • Azuris - I'd like to mention Azuris as someone who's always had a clear head with dealing with issues on here. He's the go-to guy if you want a great conversation. (seriously he's awesome)
  • Sactage - One of the most talented people I've met on here. He's provided countless things that help the wiki run, and to top it off he's a teddy bear.
  • Bovell - He's provided us with some of the most well written blogs and ideas on the wiki. All hail sir bovell!!!1
  • N7 - Our resident class clown. But seriously, Mr. N7 has helped us with our social media presence, (he even got us in contact with a few people from activision) His hard work has paid off tremendously on the twitterverse - He's the guy who worked hard on the twitter account and accumulated our 2,500 followers.
  • Damac1214 - Damac has been one of the nicest people on here. He's one of the most resourceful and level headed guys we have. He always comes into a situation with everyone's interests at heart. He also helps old man N7 with the twitter account.
  • Madnessfan34537 - I've seen madness grow from a new user to a a resourceful amazing administrator who's come to learn a shit ton of jave script in under two months. He's one of the few people who pushed to get our amazing Gadgets extension on here.
  • Shotrocket6 - This guy has been the main guy to help on The War Room for ages. The amount of time he puts pushing ideas forward is exemplary.

To stop the list from getting VERY long, (Seriously, I could ramble for hours about all the amazing people we have working hard for you guys) I'm going to list some of the other helpers we have who keep this site running and clean:

  • Our outstanding Chat moderator team - These guys spend countless hours on the chat keeping it a safe and friendly environment for everyone to be in.
  • The Blog patrollers - These are the folks who keep the blog comments clean of Spam/Harassment/Generally libelous materiel. If it weren't for them blogs would be a worse place to frolic around in.
  • The Image Guardians - All of these bamf's help keep our File Space clean of spam/Duplicate images/Redundant images. Not many people value how... uh.. Valuable the filespace is, And these guys ensure its stays... valuable..? I'll stick with clean.
  • The News Team! - All the amazing writers who provide everyone with your daily dose of Call of Duty. If it weren't for them we probably wouldn't have as much traffic as we do now.
  • And Last, But certainly not the least, Our Admin team - These great people have dedicated hours upon hours of work to make the site what it is. If it weren't for for them we probably wouldn't be here today.

To finish this epic ramble, I'd like to also thank anyone who's edited or simply read an article. You've helped make the wiki what is today - Which Is The best source for everything Call of Duty. And when I say that I mean it.

Until Next time,
-KATANAGOD 08:52, September 14, 2012 (UTC)
TL;DR Version = All of you guys rock!!

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