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Possible Black Ops 2 Images and a few behind the scenes photos of FPSRussia's QuadRotor Viral video have been released on See below for details.

Quadrotor Slideshow

Just 3 Days ago kicked off viral marketing campaign for the next Call of Duty game. Even though it's not officially confirmed, Most speculation is leading towards Black Ops 2. Recently uploaded and later showcased on is FPSRussia's Video showcasing a "quad-copter" fully equipped with a machine gun and self destructing capabilities. This weapon was described as futuristic technology 10-15 years ahead of its time. At first most people thought that it was created using CGI, however that wasn't the case. The gunfire, explosions, and on-site destruction was setup by Defiant Effects, a company that focuses on mechanical and pyrotechnical effects. Josh Kornoff, the Special Effects Supervisor at Defiant, recently updated the company's website to include information about the FPSRussia video:

"For this viral video for the Call of Duty video game franchise and Youtube sensation FPS Russia, I rigged various objects to explode using det cord, gasoline, black powder lifters and sand mortars. My friend Adam at Reel Efx built the quadrotor using 3D printing technology in an unbelievably short timeframe. Live-fire machineguns were used on set, the first time in 15 years I’ve ever seen that allowed! When it was all said and done, we blew up about 15 mannequin dummies, a few gas cans, and one car. It all turned out very well and we all had a great time!"

As Josh mentions on the site's blog, Reel Efx, another mechanical special effects house, built the quad-copter for the video, "Reel Efx fabricated the prototype quadrotor prop which was outfitted with remote control blades. We also provided pyro effects, wind effects including fullers earth for dust, and mortars for flying debris during the car explosion." See the gallery above for images on the Quadrotor.

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