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The third piece of intel has been revealed on recently, This time it appears to be some sort of code. A series of changing numbers and letters thought to be an old version of hexadecimal.


The code can be broken down in to five separate combinations:

  • 34.D46660-CBE.2BC7C68D1
  • 34.D4416E-A98.2B7886AC1
  • 34.849C64-271.272956371
  • 34.34E76B-AFC.2FD106541
  • 34.84E56C-C4E.2718662D1

Garret Capone found out that the code lead to a longitude and latitude: N 51° 58′ 57.9918″ E 5° 19′ 39.7862″. which is a residential street in The Netherlands called Tacitus. Tacitus is from the second intel unlock that’s supposedly a weapons manufacturer in the upcoming Call of Duty game.


Garret hasn’t been able to explain how he cracked the code so there’s probably still news to come on this. Until the code is cracked this can be summed up as speculation. Other people have been coming up with different latitudes and longitudes among other things such as this.

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