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    Seeing it as no one on this Wiki hasn't made a review, I will review the Call of Dutys . Hopefully this will become a big thing, so lets get started. I will begin with all main series COD, then proceed with DS CODs + PSP COD, and finally spin-offs, expansions, etc. (including DLC). So let's get started. (I ask for information to be messaged to me about games of the COD series that I do not own, I will also have a user review.

    The game that started it all. Sorry but I don't own the game. I'll try to get my hands on it, hopefull the PC Version so I can get its expansion as well.

    The first main series Call of Duty for the console. I find it personally overshadowed by its predessecor and its developer's next game, but it is still one of the grea…

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    As of yesterday, Infinity Ward founders Jason West and Vince Zampella are in court with their former publisher Activision. The two were terminated by Activision in March 2010 for allegedly conspiring against the publisher, while West and Zampella claim that Modern Warfare 2 royalties were withheld from them, and did not receive them due to the termination. EA (Electronic Arts) was added to the complain against the former Infinity Ward studio heads in late December 2010.

    If West and Zampella win, the two will be compensated for the royalty payments, and also retain their creative rights to the Modern Warfare series. What that could mean for Modern Warfare 3 is unclear.

    If Activision wins, then West, Zampella, and EA would have to provide Activision…

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    It is now possible to pre order Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on GameStop. The game is set to be released on November 8th 2011 for $60 and the first few to Pre-Order it will get an exclusive poster similar to the Pre-Order of Call of Duty: Black Ops. According to their site, this offer is only in limited quantites, so if your interested in getting a poster then you should pre order soon.

    On the GameStop's website, Modern Warfare 3's Xbox 360 version is at the top of their Most Anticipated list, with the PS3 and PC version in 3rd and 4th respectively.

    So are you going to Pre-Order Modern Warfare 3? Do you think Modern Warfare 3 will live up to its hype? Let us know in the comments!

    Update: The PS3 Version is now 2nd place.

    View and discuss the poster here!

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    This is an alternate reality game

    The Atomic Bomb is never developed, the Kremlin decide to kill Albert Einstein, Manhattan Project Members, and many others developing Atomic Weapons. They also burn many documents regarding to nuclear fission and related subjects, making it almost impossible to develop an atomic bomb

    Without the Atomic Bomb, the United States is forced to invade the Japan. Since Japan lasted longer, many Nazis decide to flee to Japan for refuge. Very few Nazi Scientists will be in the hands of the Allies.

    Without U.S. Involvement (They were focused on Japan) The U.S.S.R. spread their Socialism quickly. Churchill, with or without the United States, decide to launch Operation: Unthinkable. The United States decide not intervene…

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    This Blog is about Rumors about Speculation about MW3

    My Speculation

    -No trailer will be released. Activision wants to increase hype because there is too much competiton this year

    -Multiplayer and Singleplayer will possibly run on different graphics engine, as Infinity Ward said that they will reusue the IW 2.0 Engine, but they are only working on Singleplayer

    -Maps and DLC will be very good, I have faith in Raven Software

    -SledgeHammer Games will do something significant to our Singleplayer Experience, and make it different than any other SinglePlayer experience for Call of Duty

    -Nikolai will be a more significant character

    -The place that Nikolai mentioned might be hiding place for Kamarov and several Loyalists

    -A new faction will be formed by S…

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