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MW3 Rumors and Speculation

This Blog is about Rumors about Speculation about MW3

My Speculation

-No trailer will be released. Activision wants to increase hype because there is too much competiton this year

-Multiplayer and Singleplayer will possibly run on different graphics engine, as Infinity Ward said that they will reusue the IW 2.0 Engine, but they are only working on Singleplayer

-Maps and DLC will be very good, I have faith in Raven Software

-SledgeHammer Games will do something significant to our Singleplayer Experience, and make it different than any other SinglePlayer experience for Call of Duty

-Nikolai will be a more significant character

-The place that Nikolai mentioned might be hiding place for Kamarov and several Loyalists

-A new faction will be formed by Soap and Price (and maybe the succesor of Ghost ) This faction will consist of surviving TF 141 Members, Loyalists against the "New Russia ", and Makarov 's Guerilla Men

-The above faction will come out in Multiplayer

-Makarov will have an alliance with Soap and Price

-Foley , Dunn , Ramirez , and the other Rangers will interact with Soap, Price, Nikolai, Possible Replacement for Ghost, Makarov, and others

-Story will have little plot holes

-Shadow Company will appear, and Sheperd will have a Successor

Opinion -The quality (glitches, patches, gameplay, noobs, enjoyability, patcheos, etc.) will be bett)er than MW2 , worse than Call of Duty 4 , and only slightly better than Black Ops .

-The changes from MW2 to MW3 will be significant, not from Call of Duty 2 to 4 (or if you prefer, World at War to Black Ops) but it will be more significant from Call of Duty 4 to MW2


Please do not put official information on here. If you have official infromation, put it as a news blog and/or update it on the MW3 Page

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