Anyone got any new ideas for COD. Well, what are you waiting for?! Put 'em on this blog! Here are my ideas. Note: I wrote this on a comment. :Training Area---> instead of perks and all that you train in that area. If you run more then speed is increased, if you lift weights you are stronger, and you can handle heavier weapons and things like that. You also buy uniform equipment. You can buy Night Vision goggles, or thicker armor. If you train with SMG's more, then your skill with it(accuracy, better speed, access to more attachments) increases, but your skill decreases with other guns. Vehicles should return, but in order to balance it, if one team has more vehicles than the other, than the vehicle health decreases for them. You also have field of operations, if your field of operations is vehicles, than you use them better, explosives-claymores, C4's, scout-you have binoculars and you can mark enemies with more XP you have one airstrike per game with your binocular.

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