Getting Started

Seeing it as no one on this Wiki hasn't made a review, I will review the Call of Dutys . Hopefully this will become a big thing, so lets get started. I will begin with all main series COD, then proceed with DS CODs + PSP COD, and finally spin-offs, expansions, etc. (including DLC). So let's get started. (I ask for information to be messaged to me about games of the COD series that I do not own, I will also have a user review.

Main Series

Call of Duty (game) (Note: This Review Includes both PC and Classic )

The game that started it all. Sorry but I don't own the game. I'll try to get my hands on it, hopefull the PC Version so I can get its expansion as well.

Call of Duty 2

The first main series Call of Duty for the console. I find it personally overshadowed by its predessecor and its developer's next game, but it is still one of the greatest games and it brought major changes to the formula.


User Reviews

Call of Duty Series Overall (out of 5)

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