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What happened?

I'm just wondering why some of the users here have changed.

-Pedro9Basket= Reasons for leaving: Now prefers Battlefield

Location: Battlefield Wiki

-YuriKaslov= Reasons for leaving: According to "Guthix's mage2" he got mad at the rules

Location: Battlefield, Medal of Honor, and several other Wikis

-Unregistered contributor= Reasons for leaving: Unknown

Location: Nazi Zombies, Nazi Zombies Plus Wikis (According to Daniel Smith, Daniel also mentioned he has been inactive)

-Sniperteam90228= Reasons for leaving: ???(He's actually the one who inspired me to make an account)

Location: *Nazi Zombies, Nazi Zombies Plus, and Modern Warfare Plus Wiki *Information given by: Daniel Smith

Inspiration=He was trolling some anon, and I said to myself," Hmm...If I make an accountal, I can troll innocent"

Special Thanks To; Conqueror of all Zombies and Daniel Smith for giving me information

(I will add more changes, but I want you guys to tell me the changes that I didn't notice)

Due to several comments, I have decided to put when they joined this Wikia, and when they left

YuriKaslov=Joined March 27, 2011, Left Early in 2011 (MW2 Breed)

Pedro9Basket=Joined August 9, 2010, Left in March


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