Why are so many people just hating Black Ops? I still believe it was a great game. And give some Treyarch some respect. They actually care about their fans and listen to them. Look at Infinity Ward! They didn't even have dedicated servers! They had plenty of time to do that, but they don't give a shit to the PC communiity. Treyarch listens to All of its community. To PS3 and PC who were complaining that they got the Map Pack one month later, well you can blame Shitivison. Man... what is your problem. Did you actually think that the game would live up to its hype? You'd think that people would learn a thing or two from MW2. I on the other hand, was, will, and always will be a fan of Halo, COD, BF, and many other great games. Right now I'm not sure if I should buy COD 3 or COD Classic.

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