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    Bill S.978

    July 3, 2011 by Kenny99

    Bill S.978 - the end of video gameplay streaming, video gaming YouTube channels, and such.

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    For those of you who complain about weapon inaccuracies and prototypes in the wrong eras, here's a list of replacements for some of the inaccurate weapons of Black ops. the weapon name on the left is the inaccurate weapon while the name to the right is the correct replacement for the weapon. Note: Please remember that this blog is for people that are complaining about inaccuracy so please keep any comments against this (such as stating that this is just only a game) off the blog. (work in progress)

    • M203 grenade launcher - none
    • M60 - older M60 model (model used in Black ops is incorrect)
    • RPG-7 - RPG-2
    • RPK - Cristobal carbine
    • ASP used by Cuban police - TT-33
    • KS-23 - Winchester Model 1912 or 1897
    • M67 grenade - M26 grenade
    • M16-M14 with M31 HEAT rifle …

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