• DanteVin

    I owned both a copy of Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. Sure, these two FPS giants are competing with each other... But I had found out, they had similarities or references to the other game! Here is a list.

    • Both playable US marine characters are ranked Sergeant (Blackburn in BF3 and Frost in MW3).
      • The callsign of the characters start with a letter M (Misfit in BF3 and Metal in MW3).
    • There are also playable Russian characters from both games (Dima in BF3 and Yuri in MW3).
    • A Russian NPC character gets nailed down by a steel bar after an explosion.

    • The cause of the global wars is the will of a single man.
    • A WMD demolishes an entire city in both of the games.

    • You attack a hostile train full of terrorists.
    • The player sees a falling multi-story building …

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