• Kimbokatt

    My Idea for BO2

    May 5, 2012 by Kimbokatt

    I've seen many people complaining on forums about BO2 being set in the future. Many are even saying that it looks too much like Halo, which I don't even think really makes sense. But I guess it's understandable, most players are used to the WWII or Cold War setting, which is fine, but here is my idea: Black Ops 2 should include two multiplayer modes. One set in the Cold War with the original BO weapons, maybe even a few new ones, and it could have new and updated maps for the time it is set in. And the 2025 multiplayer. They will both have the same game modes, the new perks of the game, but just be set in the different times. It could also be released as DLC, much like Battleifeld: BC2 and it's Vietnam DLC. Some might ask, Why not just play…

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