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  • KingRighteous

    Today i made a idea for a Call of Duty game: Call of Duty Element 115 Story

    Beginning cutscene:

    The story takes place when they show a cutscene of Tank, Nikolai, Takeo, and Edward running from a horde of Zombies and they found a nice baricade and escaped the Zombies and once they got inside Edward was taken by a black figure and the same thing happens to Takeo and Nikolai and only Tank is left and after a minute a black figure comes in front of Tank and is revealed to be Mason, Alex and 3 more figures appear and it appears to be Pvt. Miller , Hudson, And a new character named Yuri Dimitriv(A surviving Russian Captain) the 4 original group soon realize they found 4 new survivers and Tank, Takeo, and Nikolai soon recover there memory of what h…

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